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Hey Handsome!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

We'll make no secret of the fact - this is our problem child - and our favourite! We knew all the while that when he arrived he would be a head-turner. But, we didn't realise he would be this handsome!

WAG7 Tiger Face Model
The Birth of a Fantastic Beast

A few years back, and in hindsight, in a largely unwise move, I had started making this WAG-7 model. I had very little idea of design and 3D printing, I hadn't met ThePinkEngineer yet and I had no clue what painting and finishing a model like this would entail.

Many failures later, we finally have with us what we're internally calling "a ballad in paint and plastic". ;-)

Did I mention it moves? Because I should have. Because it does.

Not the motorised way.


We love this creation of ours with all of our hearts, and we hope you will too. In a way, the WAG-7 exemplifies our sweat and tears behind the scenes, and in spite of having come close to the point of surrender numerous times, our dogged determination to bring this idea to life.

A Brief History

This model is so complex in every respect that to our knowledge, no one has even dared to attempt to build a scale model of this ever. But for me, when I first laid eyes on the real WAG-7 Tiger Face, it was love at first sight and I knew that I just had to have it on my table.

In fact, the WAG-7 was in many ways what spurred on the creation of The Pink Engine. When I tried looking around for a Tiger Face model to buy, I realised that nothing was available.

We have worked hard and come a long way to create a scale model which we believe will do justice to the magnificent electrical beast that it replicates and to the fans of the Indian

Railways everywhere.

Fun Fact

Fun fact : Our logo and banner have been hiding in plain sight, a stylised version of the front section of the WAG-7, from the very inception.

This serves as a constant reminder to us so as to where we started from, who we are and what we have set out to do.

Oh, in case you haven't noticed, TheGuyWhoDoesn'tSpeak and I got our revenge. :twisted: This is a moderately weathered model...

And boy, is it sexy!

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