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The LHB Display Model and our 50% Dis-satisfaction

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Just in case you haven't heard already, we launched our first Display Model a few days back. It's the Linke-Hofmann-Busch passenger coach. First things first - it's on its Inaugural Discount Sale as of now...

1:100 LHB Display Model
It's Play Time!

Our Display Model category is meant to cater to people who don't really like building and would prefer a finished model to adorn their home or office. This also happens to be the first model that we professionally finished ourselves.

To let out a small secret, our WAG9 Build Kit was assembled by a maker friend - essentially so that we could do a sort of sanity check on our product. We believe, (Sorry "secret friend" - we hope you won't mind too much...), that we can actually do a better job if we have a go ourselves - in fact, our LHB Display Model might very well be a testament to the fact.

If we may say so ourselves, the paint and vinyl finish is a real beauty! We have ogled the red and grey passenger coach for hours after building it - which is probably the reason why this blog post comes in a little late.

Showing off our Beauty!

The IG Poll

There is one more interesting thing that happened during our building of the coach - we conducted a poll on Instagram on whether to weather...

Weathering is a process by which scale models are made to look used and old by using certain techniques.

Personally, I love this concept as does TheGuyWhoDoesntSpeak. On the other hand, TheMotherofWagons and ThePinkEngineer were all for a new and un-weathered look.

Much to my personal dismay, vox populi voted for the "new look".

TheGuyWhoDoesntSpeak didn't speak for two days - which doesn't say much - but the fact that I had to calm down his silent anger with all my strength wasn't on my job description.

We have secretly teamed up against the other two and we vow that our next models will have some kind of weathering on them.

You have been warned...

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