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We are Open for Business!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

We promised you earlier we would be selling soon.

The first "The Pink Engine" logo!
Our logo! Made in India like the rest of our stuff. We hope you like it!

Our first ever model is now live for sale. It’s a WAG9 Buildkit and it assembles into a pretty little IR scale replica of the original locomotive from Indian Railways.

You can buy it here.

Having a team of builders who are talking of building stuff all the time, we thought we would first reach out to the Makers and Creators among you – the people good with their hands, the people who have been making things as long as they can remember. And of course, completely unabashedly, breaking things in the process…

United by our love for our country’s railroads, we have searched far and wide for models we can own and play with; replicas that we can proudly put up in our showcases…

Each time, we have come away disappointed.

So, we decided we would fill this gap ourselves. Between all of us in our motley crew of founders, we had 3 Master’s degrees and a Ph.D — in science and engineering. Surely, we could pull something off?

We wanted to build products that anyone interested in the Indian Railways could easily access. We wanted to keep the prices low. We wanted to build something you would feel excited about holding in your hand. We wanted to build something that we would be proud of building

Made in India! Made with Love!

Presenting to you the first ever Indian Railways online storeThe Pink Engine!

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