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So We had an Idea…

So…we had an idea!

We were having so much fun putting together our first builds for our first locomotive, we realised that there would be others out there who might also have fun putting it together.

To all the builders, tinkerers and hobbyists out there, we will be putting up for sale (within the next couple of weeks), what we have termed – a “buildkit”.

The buildkit will contain all the parts necessary to assemble a 1:100 scale HO locomotive. We’ll even be including some basic processing accessories and of course, graphics.

If the 1:100 HO scale sounds confusing, it implies that the wheels will fit on an HO track and the rest of the loco will be scaled in proportion. Why, we’re even thinking of calling it our very own “IR scale”!

Stay tuned and we do hope you’ll like this new idea of ours.

The Pink Engine WAG9 Buildkit
A Sneak Preview of our Buildkit

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