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Oops! We did it Again!

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

If you will allow us to say this ourselves - we're on a roll! We've raised the bar again in the Indian 3D modeller scene with our latest launch of the Indian Railways LHB Passenger Coach with the Duronto livery.

LHB Duronto Model
Unprocessed Duronto coach in the making...

We've thought long and hard on the engineering on this one. The first major problem was that we had to get the livery right - TheGuyWhoDoesntSpeak exhibited surprising artistic quality! After that, we embarked upon making the coach fully functional. And for that we borrowed liberally from our design of the WAG7.

The final result? We have our first fully functional 1:100 scale model which is ready to go out of the box. In model railroad parlance these are known as RTR or Ready-To-Roll models.

Our Duronto model has insulated HO wheels, which make using them on existing powered DC or DCC track layouts a breeze. All couplers are at standard NMRA HO heights and this makes this model immediately compatible with any existing IR or HO stock.
Last but not least - in fact something we consider our USP - not a single proportion is out of whack in this 1:100 scale model.

You truly get a model which is made from scratch. Made in India and for India.

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