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A Big Thank You!

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Yes, we know. We haven't written a blog post in ages. We have gone through a multitude of emotions from excitement to frazzled to really-busy-can't-talk-now over the last year since we launched. We had steps and mis-steps, we've had jealous competitors and overly critical and sometimes silly YouTube comments (which we have begun to strictly monitor by the way) - but today we want to say - "Thank You".

To all of you. To allow us to be alive and kicking and doing something we love.

Thank you RSI - for being our first ever customer. When we were unsure whether we would ever sell anything, you came along and just bought our build kit...

Thank you PA - for putting our creations in a Bombay Museum for the world to see. You don't know how proud it made us to see our coaches rumbling on your layout...

Thank you SM! You encouraged us to do our first custom model. We nick-named you Mr. Eagle Eye and till date remain terrified of the exacting standards that you demand from us! We love you and thank you for the learning experience. We promise that although we are blogging, we are working hard on your next order...

Thank you AM - for sharing your valuable thoughts and feedback whenever we asked...

Thank you AD! That unboxing and building video of our WAG-9 build kit was superb. You have no idea how much we learnt from it too.

Thank you VT - for just being you. At 10 years of age you are our youngest customer ever - that too with a custom model! But we've never had anyone else tell us about The Rocket and The Mallard with such consummate confidence ever. We are soooo happy that you like what we made for you.

And that's not all...

Thank you to our numerous unnamed customers, who all made us very very proud by believing in us.

Thank you to all the people who wrote in with suggestions and criticisms - both constructive and otherwise. We learn from everything.

Thank you to those who tried under-handed tricks to try and scuttle us.

Thank You to all of you! Because of your love (and sometimes envy), today we are - and will continue to be - The Pink Engine.

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